Ask an auctioneer what some of their most frequently asked questions are:

How do I bid on an item?

First you need to register. Registration is held during preview times that are generally 1 to 2 hours before the auction starts.  As the auctioneer is calling bids, you simply raise your hand or bid card when you are comfortable with the amount being requested by the auctioneer.  If you are the winning bidder, hold your bid card up high so your bidders number can be recorded by the auction clerk.

What methods of payment do you accept at your personal property auctions?

If you are a winning bidder, the method of payment is cash, cashier’s check or personal check if approved by the auctioneer or the cashier.  We also accept Visa and Mastercard at no additional cost to better serve our auction customers.

Is there a fee for attending an auction?

There is never a fee for attending an auction conducted by Michael Hoffman, Auctioneer.

Is there a warranty for any items purchased at an auction?

No, All merchandise is sold “As Is”, “Where Is”. There are no warranties, no guarantees. As there are exceptions to almost every rule, when selling items that must be plugged in to see if they will work (such as power tools or TV’s ) we will generally allow a winning bidder a couple of minutes to test the item.  If the item does not work, we’ll scratch the clerking ticket.

Can I pay for my Purchases when I’m finished bidding, or must I wait until the auction is over?

You may pay as soon as you’re through bidding.  We ask that you please allow at least fifteen minutes from the time of when you last bid on an item for the clerking sheet to make it to the cashier.

How much do things sell for?

There is no simple answer to this question. Sale price depends on the merchandise (car, truck, equipment, jewelry, etc). Such things as condition, appeal and uniqueness all play a part. Also, the prices bid generally depend upon how badly two people at an auction want an item.

How is an Auction different from a tag sale, or a garage sale?

At an auction, EVERYTHING will be sold.  An auction is a means to sell property of all types by verbal exchange or written exchange in which the property is offered and sells to the highest bidder.  At a tag sale, often, only the items that are seen as under priced sell to the first interested party.  An auction employs open, enthusiastic and competitive bidding to secure the highest possible market price for your merchandise.

There is nothing like the power of auction marketing.  We can sell your personal property (antiques, household, equipment, vehicles, etc. ) on-site or at local auction facilities.  Real estate auctions are usually conducted at the property to be sold.   It all begins by giving us a call.  Michael Hoffman, Auctioneer works on a commission plus expenses basis, with no money up front.  We believe our commission rates are fair and reasonable.  The advertising, labor and any other expenses will be settled after the auction and paid directly from the auctions proceeds.  Michael is bonded in favor of the State of Ohio to handle the funds in escrow, so you can get on with your life.  In order to expedite the settlement, the State of Ohio requires that auction settlements be issued within 15 days from the date of the auction, so you get your money fast!

Will you accept smaller amounts of items or lots?

An increasing amount of our business is from partial estates and consignments.  That is, individuals downsizing, or selling just one item or a few of them.  Your items can be combined with those consigned for another upcoming auction.  Expenses can then be shared with other clients who have similar circumstances.  Whether it’s a boxful or a truckload, for many people, storage is not an option.  Your items can be transported by truck or trailer to secured storage or directly to an auction facility.

Who will attend the auction?

As we conduct both personal property and real estate auctions, it depends on the type of auction being conducted.  Real estate auctions bring in real estate investors, first time home buyers, etc.  Personal property auctions bring out people from all walks of life such as antique dealers looking for merchandise to stock their stores, homemakers decorating their homes, and people looking to buy merchandise at fair market value.

Your auction will be advertised in the Columbus Dispatch (unless outside of their coverage area), on this website, the Ohio and National Auctioneer’s Association websites, and at other public auctions by way of flyers, at local antique shops and, if warranted, in national trade publications like Antique Week.

How soon can we book an auction date?

Give us a call today to discuss it!  We generally request at least three to four weeks, at a minimum, to allow for premium promotion and maximum exposure of your property.  We understand that often our clients need to sell their property (both real and personal) as quickly as possible.  We are prepared to provide individual attention to your needs.  It all starts with a phone call.  Call us today at 614-314-0298.

What do I have to supply?

Virtually nothing!  Whether it’s an on-site auction or at a local auction facility, we have the necessary supplies on-hand to make your auction a success.  If you choose to pack your own merchandise, to save on labor expenses, we’ll be glad to show you how.  Or, at a nominal cost, we will be happy to pack your items and prepare your furniture for the auction.

If we are going to have your auction on-site, we’ll get an early start to set up the auction.  The furniture and boxed items will be staged for a quick exit out of the house, garage, or barn.  We’ll be prepared with enough hands to make the job light.  Other than the auctioneer, the auction crew consists of a well prepared cashier, one or two ringmen, and a very capable clerk to record all items being sold.

How will my items be sold?

Marketing your auction does not end at printed materials.  We always attempt to display your items in the best manner possible to obtain the highest prices.  Often, general household items will be sold with like items, e.g. nails, screws and bolts or sponges, or knives, forks and spoons, etc.  Take a look at the auction scrapbook page for photos of how items are generally displayed.

Please feel free to contact Michael Hoffman & Associates today at (614) 314-0928 to discuss your specific needs, or with any questions you might have.