As a state with an auction license requirement, Ohio has specific requirements that must be met before you can obtain a license to become an auctioneer.

As I primarily conduct live auctions in Ohio, the bulk of this post relates to the auction laws here. Many states have their own set of auction laws which should be checked before proceeding down the path to becoming an auctioneer. Consult with a professional auctioneer in your area to see what they say, and get their input on which auction school they attended or recommend.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture oversees the licensing of auctioneers in Ohio and publishes The Ohio Auctioneer’s Guide, which can be found here.

Basic steps:

  • Attend an Ohio approved auction school.  A list of the approved schools is here.
  • Pass the apprentice exam and find an auctioneer to sponsor you.
  • Serve as an apprentice for 12 months and be a bid caller in 12 auctions under the sponsor’s supervision.
  • Pass both a written and oral exam in front of the Ohio Auctioneer’s Commission.

Note: not all auction schools meet Ohio’s licensing requirements. As a past instructor at Reppert Auction School, I highly recommend them. Additional very reputable auction schools include World Wide College of Auctioneering, Southeastern School of Auctioneering, and the Texas Auction Academy.