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On-site examination, inventory, photography, market research, valuation and a final appraisal report. The document will have a description, age, measurement, condition, value and digital photograph of each item (or group of items). Appraisals are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Professional Valuations: 

Antiques, collectibles, firearms / guns, furniture, glass, porcelain, pottery, silver, automobiles, residential contents, business assets, machinery, equipment and more…

Reasons for Certified Personal Property Appraisals: 

Estates resolution, trusts, insurance replacement values, divorce, business liquidations, equitable distribution and charitable donations.

Decide which items need to be appraised and make a list of those items.

Schedule a time when distractions will be minimized and the focus can be on the appraisal.

Gather documentation, such as sales receipts, certificates, previous appraisals, letters etc…

Have all items unlocked and readily available for inspection.

Have the most amount of lighting available.

If you are organized, the inspection will be more time and cost efficient.


Charged hourly for on-site inspection, research and documentation time. Additional charges may apply for travel expenses. A deposit is required at the time of the inspection, with the balance due upon delivery of the report.

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Partial list of items that we can provide auction or asset appraisal services for:

Personal Watercraft
Military Collectibles
Antique Toys
Antique Furniture
Collections of All Types
Unique Items
Sports Memorabilia
Quality Antiques
Equipment & Machinery
Handmade Quilts
Griswold Cast Iron
Arcade Games
Native American Artifacts
Art Pottery
Roseville Pottery
Hull Pottery
Weller Pottery
Household Items
Sterling Silver
Quality Glassware
Business Assets
Restaurant Equipment
Carnival Glass
American Cut Glass
Gold and Silver
Farm Equipment

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